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Breast pumping tips and tricks

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Breast pumping tips and tricks. Chapter one: What in the world is a breast pump? ( Breast pump I have so many questions ) ??? ( A manual breast pump will make you want to cry ). ( See if your local WIC office will let you rent a breast pump ). ( Which breast pump should you buy if you don't qualify for WIC ) ? Chapter two: Which breast pump should I buy while traveling ? ( While traveling make sure you purchase a double sided battery pack breast pump .) ( Make sure you buy a popular breast pump not a off brand. ) ( The breast pump I personally used while traveling .) Chapter three: Is breast pumping right for me? ( What is life like being a breast pumping mama? ) ( My personal experience breast pumping .) ( How to make breast pumping possible? ) ( Privacy how to use a breast pump in public ? ) ( Is breast pumping boring how do I stay entertained ? ) Chapter four: How to keep your milk supply up ? ( How often should I pump ? ) ( Drink enough fluids to make enough breast milk. ) ( If your not producing enough breast milk eat a big mac. ) Chapter five: The joys of freezing breast milk sigh not really. ( Why I personally hate freezing breast milk ).

The breastfeeding mama

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The breast feeding mama. Learn about the benefits of breast feeding. Here is the chapter index. Chapter one ''The Benefits of breastfeeding'' (You are still a wonderful Mom if you decide not to breastfeed) (Birth control while breast feeding and other medications) Chapter Two ''Preparing to breast feed'' (Do I have inverted nipples ?) (What to do if I have flat or inverted nipples ?) (My personal struggle breastfeeding) (Do you make breastmilk right after birth ?) Chapter Three ''How the breast works'' ( How does the breast make milk ?) ( What is letdown ?) ( What is hindmilk and formilk ? ) ( What is the first milk called ?) Chapter Four ''How to tell if your baby is getting enough breast milk?'' ( This for information for women who breast feed naturally ) ( This is information for women who use a breast pump ) ( Your baby may be getting dehydrated if ? ) ( How to tell when your baby is getting hungry ? ) ( Should I give my baby water or formula ?)

Baby bag hospital checklist

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Baby bag hospital checklist. Check out this post of everything I personally brought to the hospital to have my baby. Here is all the necessities to pack in your very own baby bag for the hospital on your big day. A camera is a must to keep those very first pictures. See the full list here see what you to need to pack in your baby bag for the hospital.

Best pinterest group boards for mom’s

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Best pinterest group boards for moms. Hi spice of life fans and pinterest fans are you a mom if you answered yes check out these faboulous pinterest group boards for moms. Find mom advice, productivity tips, kid activities, mom tips everything for moms. Moms rule the world. If your a mom you will love these pinterest group boards for moms. Save this post to pinterest.