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For the parents



Baby book

I definately brought the baby book so the doctor who delievered my baby could sign it ;and all of the nurses who helped me in the delivery room.

I thought of the baby book as a highschool yearbook so I could look back at it with my daughter in the future.

Also some baby books have a place to keep your baby’s foot and handprints.

The baby book I got had the baby hand and footprints this was a cute keepsake.


Here is the baby book I bought.




Everyday necessities 

Cell phone- so you can call all your friends and family and tell them about the exciting news.

I know evryone is like dugh but it is actually easy to leave something as important as a cell phone when your baby is on it’s way.


Cell phone charger– a dead phone is a useless phone.


Wallet- You definately need to remember your wallet in case you have to go a little over the speeding limit; in order to get to the hospital.

Just in case you accidentially attract the police it’s good to make sure whoever is driving you has their driver’s license.

Also sooner than later the nurse or someone will want to see your insurance card.


Purse- I actually never have really ever carried a purse much before in my life but I thought you might so I listed it here.


Medications– I didn’t personally have any medicine at this time however my husband did it’s easy to forget.


Bathroom necisitites– I brought my hairbrush and toothbrush.


Glasses or contacts- I personally wear contacts it’s real important that you might need to see.




This is the most important thing on the list.

You definately want those very first pictures.

We weren’t allowed to video tape the birth but that’s really not something I would have wanted to do anyway.

I however had my husband video tape the moments after my daughter was born and I’m so glad we remembered the camera.

Those first pictures are a keepsake I will cherish forever.

Also see if your hospital has a newborn photgrapher mine did I never heard of this before.

The newborn photographer took some amazing pictures she put the photos on a flash drive so I could get copies anytime.


Here is the camera I bought.


Extra clothes

I was actually not expecting to have to stay at the hospital that long so I didn’t pack that many clothes.

I had to get my mom to go back by the house and get my husband and I some extra clothing.

My hospital had a rule that you cannot go home until 48 hours.

The hospital did this to make sure that you and your baby are alright before they discarge you which is a good thing.

I was so tired of staying at the hospiatal it was so tiring 2 days of labor and 2 days waiting to be discharged.

I thought I needed to bring a gown that buttons up in the front but; the hospital prefered I wear the gown they provided me they said it be easier.

After I gave birth to my daughter I wore everyday regular clothes.



Baby clothes

I recommend bringing baby clothes that button up instead of zips up.

The reason why I believe the button up baby clothes is better than the zip ups is because you never know you might run into a complication at the hospital.

If you do unfortunately run into a complication at the hospital the button ups are easier for nurses to work with if they need to use IV’S.

Pick out a pretty outfit for your baby’s very first pictures and then later keep the outfit in a keepsake box.



A stuffed annimal or heirloom

This is optional however I’m glad I brought with me a rare find that I found at the thrift store.

I found my daughter this old rag bunny these things are ancient I never saw many of them ever.

I had the exact same kind of rag bunny when I was a baby but it was a little bigger than the one I found for my daughter.

Anyway when I was a baby I had my picture took with a rag bunny and I got to do the same thing for my baby’s first pictures.




Food and drinks

You don’t have to have food and drinks as soon as you come in the door however it’s something to think about later.

We conveintly had a walmart right up the road from our hospital we sent dear mom on the trip.

2 days of labor and 48 hours additional after giving birth seemed to take a eternity.

It’s nice to have some snack food like debbie cakes, chips, and soda.

The hospital food was actually pretty tasty my husband and I ordered our meals a lot of the time during our stay.




A folder

This is really important to stay organized and to keep important documents safe.

When you have a baby you are going to have some paper work to keep up with.

Staying orgnaized even through a stressful time like having a baby is important.

I really wish I had a folder to keep up with important paperwork from the hospital but I forgot and things got scattered.

I even accidentally left something as important as my daughter’s foot and handprints and had to swing back by the hospital to pick it back up.

If I remembered to bring a folder it would have saved a lot of headache.



Pillow and cover

The hospital provides these 2 things but there pillows are super uncomfortable.

Hospitals keep it zero below I thought I was going to freeze while I was staying there.

I really wish I brought a cover from home they covers the hospital provides is really thin.

I bundled my baby up however she had baby blankets I brought from home the fuzzy warm plush kind.



Breast pump or baby bottles.

If you decide to give your baby formula you need to remember a baby bottle and formula. 

For breastfeeding most women usually breastfeed their babies naturally; I however had trouble and used a breast pump for one year and one month.

The hospital sometimes will let you use their breast pump if you ask them.

I however feel you will be less stressed out if you already purchase a breast pump before hand.

I definately will remember a breast pump for my second baby.

I was given a breast pump to use by my wic office it was a Medela pumping in style by far the best breast pump I ever used.

You to can see if your local wic office with let use their breast pump.

If not this breast pump will save you a ton of money in the long run it is very, very, very good!


Here is the breast pump I used and recommend.



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