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10 lessons I’ve learned into my second year blogging

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10 things I’ve learned so far into my second year of blogging:

Wow I can’t believe I’ve made it through my second year of blogging!

Every day I continue to learn so much and I feel as though I still have way more to learn.

I’ve read what feels like a trillion blog post on blogging and questioned myself more times than I’d like to count.

Throughout this journey I continue to learn, grow and gain experience.


Blogging is Hard Work:

Blogging is hard! Everyone out there makes it seem so easy.  

Those top dog bloggers out there are really rocking their blogs getting massive traffic and raking in tons of sales.

Unfortunately the reality is blogging isn’t as easy as everyone tells you.

In fact the real truth is the bloggers out there who tell you that blogging is easy that you can make money fast and start a blog in under15 minutes are actually just trying to get you to buy their courses or their a affiliate for their hosting company.

I was blinded by the fantasy that you could live a full time income off your blog laying on the beach somewhere.

The reality is anyone can start a blog in under 15 minutes and this is actually the truth however not everyone can start a successful blog.

Furthermore, there’s so much competition out there. Every day I come across many super talented bloggers who make it look easy because their blogs are beautiful, they write well and have been at it for several years.

In my blogging experience I realized that it’s really difficult to write a helpful post, create pretty images to go with the post, promote the post at the right time on the right platform and figure out any technical glitches that might pop up.

The truth is blogging isn’t as easy as just playing on the computer.

There is actually a lot of technical stuff I didn’t realize in the beginning I would need to know about.

The tech stuff to me is actually hard even though I have figured out most of the technical behind the scenes stuff out myself it has been challenging.


Blogging is very time consuming:

I spend a lot of my time on the computer and sometimes I feel like I’m attached to my phone. If I’m not creating a post, I’m promoting a post or learning how to do something new on the blog.

Through my experience blogging I never would have imagined in the beginning how time consuming it is.

There is definitely more to blogging than just playing on the computer behind the scenes of a blogger it is a lot.

Writing helpful blog post it sometimes takes an average of 3 to 5 hours I’m serious but this is a lot to do with my slow junky computer.

Anyway a post that takes 3 to 5 hours is a lot of time for it to take a reader only 5 to 7 minutes to read it.

Writing can be consuming then there is photo editing to make a click worthy image I actually really love photography.

Creating images however can be time consuming I recommend canva it’s so awesome.

I feel like you should spend just as much time on the photography on your blog as you’re actually writing.

Then there is promoting luckily most bloggers use scheduling tools now in today’s time so they can still have a life other than being online.

There is a lot of time consumption to blogging in my opinion you get less of a reward for all of the time you spend.


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And even thou my blog is small for the readers I have it makes me feel so good that maybe I helped them in someway. HAHA I’m cheesy So anyway I would be you know blogging I would be spying on my readers to see if they were on my blog from Google analytics.

And then boom San Diego then I would log out boom San Diego gone. For some reason I thought I was being punked but that’s because I’m super crazy I thought in my crazy mind somebody is got to be watching me.

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There are some things that only other bloggers understand:

Whenever I talk to my friends and family about a new social media outlet or search engine optimization I feel as though their eyes gloss over. To me, this stuff is interesting. To them, not so much.

That’s where other bloggers and blogging communities come in.

I enjoy the blogging facebook groups out there and I enjoy reading the comments in the groups.

I like to have group discussions about blogging stuff that regular people don’t understand.

Honestly my passion for blogging has had up and down times sometimes blogging stuff excites me and sometimes not so much anymore.

I feel like there has to be other bloggers other than me out there who feel this way.

It’s been hard for me lately through my blogging experience  sometimes I feel passionate about writing and then sometimes feel numb.

I really feel in blogging you put so much into it to see little reward.

However some  days I am passionate about blogging I love learning about blogging and which new social media platform to try.

I enjoy on some days just talking to a community of other bloggers about blogging.


I may never make money blogging:

Before I started blogging, I thought I’d be able to make a bit of extra money with my hobby. Boy was I wrong.

I signed up for Amazon Affiliates pretty soon after starting this blog. I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to sell a book or a toy here and there.

After the first few months, I was kicked out of Amazon Associates affiliate program because I hadn’t sold a thing.

In my second year of blogging overall  I have literally only made $32.

I even bought a storefront software program to make my store look professional and to make products look displayed nicely.

I have got rejected too many affiliate programs the only two I use is amazon associates and google adsense.

So I have made $32 from amazon and $4 literally from Google adsense and you have to reach a $100 payout for Google adsense.

Anyway I have been rejected a lot for affiliate companies but I am starting to see this is a part of life.

I honestly was hoping in the beginning when I started this blog to get paid to write sponsored post well guess what two years later and nothing.

I’m working on increasing my page views so that one day my blog will pay for itself. While one of my goals is to have a self sustaining blog, I’m ok with the fact that this will continue to take time.

I am a housewife I have a family to take care of. I literally only get to blog when my daughter and husband are asleep.

Blogging sometimes has to wait I just have to be the best blogger I can be and not compare my blog to others.


Social media overwhelm:

Social media can sometimes literally give me a headache there is so much of it in today’s world.

I never imagined in the beginning of blogging how much social media is involved with blogging.

There are so many new platforms being created all the time I had social media overwhelm.

I decided in the beginning to only stick to 3 social media platforms  I still want a life to live.

So the 3 I stick to is pinterest, facebook, and stumbleupon.

Every blogger ever talks about the power of pinterest well sometimes I have had good luck and other times not so much.

I don’t like to brag but I am the queen of pinterest boards the average blogger might have 20 or 50 I literally have 200 and something and continue to grow those numbers.

However I feel that the amount of group boards I have don’t matter as I still have not harnessed the power of pinterest even into my second year blogging.

Facebook groups this is my favorite some groups have 5,000 to 10,000 members.

I really feel like I get more traffic to my blog from facebook then pinterest.

I really love the different facebook community groups there are so many.

Stumbleupon I really love this platform however sometimes readers are engaged with your content other times not so much.

Yes it might at least bring me 50 visitors per blog post but does it really matter how many visitors you get if all they do is bounce off.

Anyway stick to 3 social media platforms to prevent social media overwhelm.

There are so many new social media platforms being created all the time it’s impossible to be everywhere at once.


Ebooks I recommend:

Blog by Number Ebook

Amazon Affiliate Ebook

Income Journey ebook

How to Make Your First Affiliate Sale Ebook

Building a framework

What mommy does traffic ebook

What mommy does ebook creation


My writing is improving:

I feel in my two years blogging that my writing has improved some.

I believe I’m starting to understand writing and understand more about what people want to read.

I’m not 100% sure who actually reads my blog and who my real target audience is this is still something I’m trying to still figure out.

What I’m learning is you cannot appease everyone on my goal has been from the beginning to have something for everyone.

My message on my blog is variety is the spice of life however I’m starting to realize you cannot cater to everyone even though I try really hard.

I love being able to add personality and humor to my writing. Being true to myself in my writing, the stories I tell and the advice that I give is one of the best parts of blogging.


I probably need a plan:

In my first year of blogging and still into my second year of blogging I didn’t plan much at all.

I wrote about topics of interest to me that I thought could also help people.

I started a theme on my blog variety is the spice of life this may be true but it hasn’t helped with keeping traffic.

I have learned a lot on the many post about blogging of the importance of having a plan for blog post.

There is also a plan for social media a plan to unlock traffic for your blog strategy is king.

I find groups are best if that’s for facebook or pinterest.

As I continue working on my blog, I hope to focus on planning, scheduling and making my blog more united.


Content is king:

What finally has dawned on me into my second year of blogging is that content is king.

It doesn’t matter how much you write and how often if it’s not good quality content that people want to read.

I keep seeing this on blog post about blogging all the time and it is true quality is better than quantity.

Quality is better than quantity what does this mean?

It means that it doesn’t matter if you have a 100 blog post on your blog if no one wants to read it?

Some bloggers get massive traffic by having as little as 20 to 50 blog post on there blog because it is good stuff good quality content.

Content is the lifeblood of your blog and will keep it thriving and stand out above everyone else’s.

I thought in the beginning that my web design was most important and my navigation and my menu system and relevant blog post and my sidebar and my footer widgets.

Yes these things are all important but not near as important as good quality content.

Good quality content is the lifeblood of your blog and will keep it alive and thriving for years to come.


Your unique voice matters:

There are a ton of blogs being created each and every day.

There is a lot of competition out there in today’s online world.

However that doesn’t mean there are a million blogs out there like yours we all have our own unique voice.

No one can say things exactly like you can you have your own unique voice thoughts and opinions.

Even though there might  be several blog post out there similar to yours it doesn’t mean it’s quite like yours.

I believe we are all unique we all have different writing styles we all live different lives we all have different thoughts, opinions and have our own unique personalities.


You can’t compare yourself to other bloggers

I believe a lot of bloggers get discouraged comparing their blog to others.

It’s the truth there are a lot of successful blogs out there.

Those top dog bloggers out there really make blogging look effortless.

You can’t compare yourself to others and succeed.

You just have to be the best blogger you can be.

It is probably true and unfortunately reality you may never have a million dollars from blogging.

It is probably also true and unfortunately the reality that you may never have a million pageviews on your blog.

All you can do is be the best you can be don’t be like everyone else be unique be yourself.

I myself have had self doubt of never getting anywhere from my blog.

I myself have compared my blog to others and thought to myself look at them go their writing is so much better there web design is flawless.

What I stopped doing into my second year of blogging is comparing myself to others.

Comparing your blog to others only leads to self doubt and this will only lead to failure.

You need to keep your confidence and try your very best.

Be the best blogger you can be.



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