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No one told me to block myself from Google analytics

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Welcome to no one told me to block myself from Google analytics….


Alright let’s get this party started first of all if your here I’m assuming you are a blogger or want to learn how to blog or own a website of some sort.

So google analytics what is this creature it’s a analytics tool to measure a website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights.

To put it simply it measures if your content rocks everyone’s socks off or if it plain sucks LOL mine must suck no one ever is on this little blog of mine.

Ah well I like talking to myself I guess HELLO ME!!!

I never knew that you had to block yourself from Google analytics so keep reading find out why this is important to get correct reports

Find out why I thought that they really loved me in San Diego sigh they did not it was me it was me oh NO my oh my.

Let’s get technical are you ready to get your Google analytics in working order ready or not let’s dive on in.

If this is boring to you just know (you do need correct reports for your Google analytics it is unfortunately pretty important) just slap yourself awake a few times you’ll get through this tutorial.



The FIRST thing I had to do was block my IP address.

Step one:

OK so if your still with me still head on over to your Google analytics find the tab labeled Admin open up this bad boy.

Step two:

Find the tab called all filters and then open it up.

Click on add new.

Step three:

Find the tab labeled filter name I personally typed in the words block my IP address.

On the tab labeled select filter type select predefined.

On the tab labeled select filter type with the drop down menu select exclude.

On the tab labeled select source or destination select traffic from the IP address.

To find your IP type into Good old Google what is my IP and the magical land of Google will tell you plain as day what your IP address is.

You want to know what my IP address is well you must be crazy because I can’t tell shh it’s a secret.

Enter in your IP address shh don’t tell anyone.

On the tab labeled select expression select that are equal to.

In the box titled apply filter select what view you want to add for example mine is called all web site data.

Hit save and do a happy dance.

Anytime you google your web address from home Google won’t include you in the Google analytics report from your router or internet.

So this one is tricky if you have a cell phone and are on the go I don’t know of any advice to give you.

Your IP address will be different everywhere you go I suppose if you use your phone from your favorite coffee shop all the time you can block your IP from there.

When it comes to cell phones it get’s complicated but you now know how to block yourself from your home address thumbs up.



 The second thing I had to do was block myself from my wordpress dashboard.

OK OK I don’t like to brag but I did figure this one out on my own and I’m pretty proud of myself.

Fine I did at first try to find one YouTube video on how to fix my issue but they were all on how to block my IP address.

And I was having some issues so many issues LOL.

I tried to call my hosting company but they really are not that clever when it comes to Google Analytics.

Then I tried reading forums and the only information I could find was on how to block my IP address didn’t these people know I was having other issues like seriously.

Then I was ready to pull out my hair and was having nerve problems I couldn’t figure this out ok maybe not nerve problems but I was pretty annoyed.



So by now your probably wondering what my problem was fine I’ll tell you neigh probably not just joking.

They loved me in San Diego they loved me so much which would have been totally awesome if this was true.

Every time I would log into my dashboard and look at my Google analytics OK I admit it I have a Google Analytics addiction.

It’s not my fault I just can’t stop my addiction it’s just that I’m a small blog and I love to see where my traffic comes from; and you all make it my day when I can spy on you and see you on my blog.

Wow I totally see how creepy that sounded.

It does make a difference thou to have some encouragement blogging to just see a few people come to my blog.

And even thou my blog is small for the readers I have it makes me feel so good that maybe I helped them in someway.

HAHA I’m cheesy.



So anyway I would be you know blogging I would be spying on my readers to see if they were on my blog from Google analytics.

And then boom San Diego then I would log out boom San Diego gone.

For some reason I thought I was being punked but that’s because I’m super crazy I thought in my crazy mind somebody is got to be watching me.

And then I looked outside to see if someone was watching me from one of those drones just kidding I’m not that crazy yet.

But anyway I saw a pattern and I’m like duh this is me and I live in Alabama by the way not San Diego.

Where in Alabama you might ask I’m not telling I will never ever tell. HE HE.

I’m all secretive in that way.



So anyway I wanted to block myself so I would have accurate Google analytics data.

So with no YouTube video to show me how or help from my hosting company or help with forums somehow goofy old me figured it out.

So I hope your still in your Admin panel of your Google analytics you left shame on you just kidding.


Step one:

Find the tab labeled view settings.


Step two:

Scroll on down until you find this.

Exclude URL Query Parameters optional


Step three:

Copy the link address of your admin dashboard of your word press website

Here is what mine looks like.


Step four:

Copy the link from your word press admin dashboard it will say dashboard into the

Exclude URL Query Parameters optional box thingy and boom you fixed your San Diego problem.

FYI I love San Diego.

OMG I didn’t know this would even work but it totally did.



So I believe it’s important for all of you bloggers and website owners to be doing this because some of your visitors and page views might have been from yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and will share with friends find my social media buttons.

Do you have any comments or suggestions don’t forget let’s start a discussion.


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