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10 lessons I’ve learned into my second year blogging

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10 things I’ve learned so far into my second year of blogging: Wow I can’t believe I’ve made it through my second year of blogging! Every day I continue to learn so much and I feel as though I still have way more to learn. I’ve read what feels like a trillion blog post on blogging and questioned myself more times than I’d like to count. Throughout this journey I continue to learn, grow and gain experience. Content is king: What finally has dawned on me into my second year of blogging is that content is king. It doesn’t matter how much you write and how often if it’s not good quality content that people want to read. I keep seeing this on blog post about blogging all the time and it is true quality is better than quantity. Quality is better than quantity what does this mean? It means that it doesn’t matter if you have a 100 blog post on your blog if no one wants to read it? Some bloggers get massive traffic by having as little as 20 to 50 blog post on there blog because it is good stuff good quality content. Content is the lifeblood of your blog and will keep it thriving and stand out above everyone else’s. I thought in the beginning that my web design was most important and my navigation and my menu system and relevant blog post and my sidebar and my footer widgets. Yes these things are all important but not near as important as good quality content. Good quality content is the lifeblood of your blog and will keep it alive and thriving for years to come.

No one told me to block myself from Google analytics

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Get correct data for your blog or website get your Google Analytics into shape. Learn how to block your own data from your Ip address and wp admin dashboard. Every time I would log into my dashboard and look at my Google analytics OK I admit it I have a Google Analytics addiction. It’s not my fault I just can’t stop my addiction it’s just that I’m a small blog and I love to see where my traffic comes from; and you all make it my day when I can spy on you and see you on my blog. Wow I totally see how creepy that sounded. It does make a difference thou to have some encouragement blogging to just see a few people come to my blog. And even thou my blog is small for the readers I have it makes me feel so good that maybe I helped them in someway. HAHA I’m cheesy So anyway I would be you know blogging I would be spying on my readers to see if they were on my blog from Google analytics. And then boom San Diego then I would log out boom San Diego gone. For some reason I thought I was being punked but that’s because I’m super crazy I thought in my crazy mind somebody is got to be watching me. And then I looked outside to see if someone was watching me from one of those drones just kidding I’m not that crazy yet. But anyway I saw a pattern and I’m like duh this is me and I live in Alabama by the way not San Diego. Where in Alabama you might ask I’m not telling I will never ever tell. HE HE. I’m all secretive in that way. Click here to read more.

Bloggers do you need to know how to install wp page navi and wp smart pagination

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Bloggers do you need to know how to install wp page navi and wp smart pagination? Video included with step by step instructions. Give your readers the best navigation help your readers find their way around. You know pagination 123 the numbers at the bottom of the page help your readers find what their looking for fastly and easily as possible. Get pagenavi and wp smart pagination a try both are free wordpress plugins..

How to do a manual backup and restore of your wordpress website

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How to do a manual backup and restore of your wordpress website. Video's included with step by step instructions . Never rely on your hosting companies backups never rely on a plugin to do this for you. When things go wroung be prepared on how to handle problems coming your way. Never worry about the possibility of your wordpress website crashing ever again.